Friday, 26 August 2011

Lady Luck #88


Title: Lady Luck
Issue Title: NA
Issue Number: 88
Artist and Writer: Will Eisner, Chuck Mazoujian
Year 1950
Publisher: Quality Comics

Synopsis:  "Lady Luck is a fictional, American comic-strip crime fighter and adventuress created and designed in 1940 by Will Eisner with artist Chuck Mazoujian (1917-2011). Through 1946, she starred in a namesake, four-page weekly feature published in a Sunday-newspaper comic-book insert colloquially called "The Spirit Section". The feature, which run through November 3, 1946, with one months-long interruption, was reprinted in comic books published by Quality Comics."

Key Words: Action, Crime, Detective, GoldenAge, Gritty, Mystery,

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