Friday, 26 August 2011

Feature Comics #35


Title: Feature Comics
Issue Title:NA
Issue Number: 35
Artist and Writer: Various
Year 1940
Publisher: Comic Favorites

Synopsis: "Feature Comics was a comic book anthology title published in the United States by Quality Comics from 1939 until 1950, that featured short stories in the superhero and humor genres. The series was a continuation of Feature Funnies, a reprint collection of newspaper comic strips that was published by Harry "A" Chesler between 1937 and 1939, for twenty issues. Feature Comics continued the numbering with issue #21, and ran until #144.

Doll Man, a shrinking superhero written and created by Will Eisner (under the pen name "William Erwin Maxwell") debuted in #27 and was the lead feature through #139. Stunt Man Stetson, a story about an amateur detective in Hollywood, became the lead from #140 until the end of the series, with humor comics continuing to serve as backups. Other notable characters that appeared in Feature Comics during its run include Phantom Lady, Spider Widow and The Clock."

Key Words: Action, Amazing, Collection,Crime, GoldenAge, Humor, Intrigue, Mystery, Superhero, Team, War, 

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