Monday, 8 August 2011

This Magazine is Haunted #6


Title: This Magazine is Haunted
Issue Title: NA
Issue Number: 6
Artist and Writer: Roy Ald, Al Jetter
Year 1952
Publisher: Fawcett

Synopsis: "This Magazine is Haunted was a horror comic originally published by Fawcett between 1951 and 1953. Running 14 issues, it was the first of Fawcett's supernatural line; a string of titles which included Beware! Terror Tales, Worlds of Fear, Strange Suspense Stories, and Unknown Worlds.
After Fawcett ceased publication, This Magazine is Haunted was sold to and published by Charlton Comics from 1954 to 1958."

Key Words: Demon, Fantasy, Ghost, GoldenAge, Horror, Magic, Monster, Mutant, Mystical, Strange, Suspense, Weird,

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