Monday, 8 August 2011

Sweethearts #104


Title: Sweethearts
Issue Title: NA
Issue Number: 104
Artist and Writer: Roy Ald, Al Jetter
Year 1952
Publisher: Fawcett

Synopsis: "Sweethearts was a romance comic book series published by Fawcett Publications from October 1948 to 1953, and continued by Charlton Comics from 1954 to 1973. It was the first monthly romance comic book, and a great commercial success. Fawcett followed the title with other monthly romance titles including Life Story (1949), Cowboy Love (1949), and Romantic Secrets (1950).
Because of postal regulations, the title debuted as Sweethearts #68...The book exhibited front cover photos of happy couples, or lovely girls, but never men alone. The back cover featured a large photo of a male movie star labelled in the first issue "My Romance of the Month", and, with the second issue, "Dream Beau of the Month". The first photo was Robert Mitchum and the second Glenn Ford. While the front cover displayed a happy scene of young love, story titles listed beneath the cover photo hinted at drama and conflict: "Beauty was My Snare", "Betrayed by My Temper" and "I Led Him On" are just a few.
Many stories were drawn by Mary Marvel artist Marc Swayze, and were monotonously repetitive: erring female learns about life from the man she finally steadies or weds."

Key Words: Romance, Slice of Life, SilverAge,

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