Sunday, 7 August 2011

Spy Smasher #3


Title: Spy Smasher
Issue Title: NA
Issue Number: 3
Artist and Writer: NA
Year 1942
Publisher: Fawcett

Synopsis: "Alan Armstrong was a wealthy sportsman in the 1940s. He was engaged to Eve Corby, whose father was an admiral in the U.S. Naval intelligence division.   Alan donned his first costume, a khaki military-looking uniform, aviator cowl with goggles and red cape, when Admiral Corby confided to him that a recent string of apparent accidents could actually be the work of spies. Alan decided to confront these possible spies on his own as Spy Smasher. His wealth and knowledge of aviation made it possible for him to construct the Gyrosub, a vehicle that combined the abilities of an auto gyro (a cross between a small airplane and a helicopter), a speedboat and a submarine.
As Spy Smasher, Alan fought such villains as The Mask, Dark Angel, America-Smasher, Red Death and Tigress I. By 1942 Alan altered his costume to an all green one with a red diamond chest emblem. Eve eventually learned Alan and Spy Smasher were one and the same, but nothing has yet been revealed as to the fate of their relationship since the War Years."

Key Words: Action, Defender, Detective, Gadget, GoldenAge, Intrigue, Mystery, Spy, Superhero, War,

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