Friday, 26 August 2011

Buster Bear #6


Title: Buster Bear
Issue Title: NA
Issue Number: 6
Year 1954
Publisher: Quality Comics

Synopsis: "The comic was named after Buster Bear, a standard animal funny character. Buster Bear has a girlfriend named Honey Bear, a chipmunk friend named Cholly Chipmunk. Many of the stories revolve around Willie Weasel's failed attempts to get one over on Buster. Other characters who appeared in Buster Bear, mainly as reprints included: Marmaduke Mouse and King Louie, Rollo Raccoon, Buzzy Rabbit, Rasputin, Egbert and the Count and Neddy. Much of the artwork for Buster Bear is signed JCA which stands for the Jason Comic Art studio also known as the Leon Jason Studios, which was a comic book packager."

Key Words: Animal, Anthropomorphic, GoldenAge, Humor, 

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